Karoliina Korvuo

Meditations On The Police (2022)

Meditations On The Police is a video installation that consists of a 20 -minute long video projection called Meditations On The Police and a 36 -page leaflet (Millaista työ on oikeasti, millainen on sun kovin keikka?) describing my exploration into the world of police imagery.

The goal of the project was to figure out what it would mean to change a career from fine arts to law enforcement. Prepared as my MFA thesis from The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki the work is bringing up the uncertain career options of a graduating fine artist.

In 2023 the video was shown as a part of Nuoret2023 group exhibition in Taidehalli, Helsinki as well as in “Adaptability Contest” -installation in Mältinranta Art Center, Tampere and Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki in January 2024.

Playlist of the project for Nuoret2023:


Review of Kuvan Kevät 2022: